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Ginger is an incredibly useful tool that will help you write in English without worrying about making any common or stupid mistakes, since Ginger will take care of the editing for you.

It's so simple, it's almost scary: you write any text within your web browser (currently, it's compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) and when you finish the sentence, paragraph, article, or whatever, push F2. A window will then appear with your text and any proposed edits.

From this special window, you can accept the edits and substitute them with what you'd originally written, or read through closely to make sure that none of the 'corrections' are actually incorrect. We have to admit that in our tests, the program performed perfectly.

Ginger is one of the most useful 'on the fly' correctors that you can find. It offers the ability to fix any errors that you commit in your written English, with just a few extra seconds and the click of a button.
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